Tuesday, February 04, 2020

Colder For Mid-Week

Clouds over Catalinas again this morning above, and a snowy view of the Plaza in Las Vegas New Mexico at bottom. Yesterday there were some reports of very light precipitation over far eastern Cochise County and the White Mountains. Dry day here in metro area, but with the gusty winds making it a bit unpleasant.

I grabbed the hard freeze graphic (above) from the NWS webpage last evening, as well as the chilly forecast for the rest of the week (below).

The GEFS plumes for the next seven days pretty much summarize what we can expect. Temperatures shown above, indicating a rapid warm up over the coming weekend. Strong and gusty winds forecast for next Sunday and Monday (below). Precipitable water bottoms out near zero today and tomorrow and then recovers to around a third of an inch for rest of period shown (second below).

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