Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Period Of Fair Weather Ahead

Some fog and stratus along the foothills at sunrise this morning.

Below is photo of garupel that Katie took yesterday at the Refugee Welcome Center - near Kino and I-10 north of airport. Nothing like that here at the house.

Rain amounts yesterday were generally light except for a couple of higher amounts near where the graupel storm was, plus an outlier of 0.67" at Corona de Tucson. Other notable 48-hour amounts were 0.83" at Nogales; 0.63" at Pioneer Airfield west of Sierra Vista; and 0.48" at DM AFB. Here at house we had total of 0.34" for the storm. Looks like coming week will be fair and mild, with highs back into the low 70s for end of week and weekend.

I have wondered why there were always so many elk in this webcam view on Jack Hales' webcam wall. A closer look revealed to me that it is at the National Elk Refuge, northeast of Jackson, Wyoming (below).

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