Thursday, June 17, 2021

Record Heat Continues

Hazy and smokey skies continue over much of Arizona today, as does the record-setting heat. Down at bottom is what the sun looked like from Sahuarita at 7:20 am MST. 

See the statement below from John Glueck at the Tucson NWS. Second below is time-series plot of temperature at the airport for the last 7 days. Third below is surface plot from 3:00 pm yesterday afternoon - note the many readings of 110 F and higher across southern Arizona, extending westward into California and southern Nevada.

This morning's 500 mb map (above)  shows that the huge anticyclone's circulation covers nearly two thirds of the country.

There are possibilities that TS Dolores will form off the coast of Mexico (see NHC outlook below) and move northwestward; however once it reaches near Cabo Corrientes, it is forecast to turn westward. 

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