Thursday, November 28, 2013

Best For The Thanksgiving Holiday

No turkey served here today; we'll be having tamales later today. Arizona does have wild turkeys roaming over a considerable range across the grasslands and higher elevations. Last one I saw was over in the Gila Wilderness in New Mexico. None spotted along the Rillito during my 15 years of walking.

I hope many readers will have the Holiday off, but I also realize that more and more people have to work today. Many professions are 24/7, as is weather forecasting - above is from the webcam at Arizona's Flagstaff Office (the new office - in distance here left of the upper-air release building - is actually in Bellemont, west of Flagstaff). Our thanks to all who are working this Holiday. Final comment is that the country seems to be losing this Holiday, as more and more people in service and retail jobs are having to work, so that retailers can increase their sales of stuff.

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