Friday, November 15, 2013

Dreary But Mild Morning

Heavy high clouds, with some middle-level clouds mixed in, kept temperatures around sunrise in the 60s F. Air is dirty and it is a dreary picture this morning - view of Catalinas above from the Computer Sciences Building.

The early forecasts from the WRF-NAM run at Atmo continue to indicate strong south-southwest winds this afternoon. Forecast shown above is valid at 3 pm MST. The model forecast keeps strongest winds out over central Pima County, where clouds break earliest so that there is more heating and deeper mixing. The model also forecasts strong lee-slope winds on east side of Huachuca Mountains, while strongest winds are to the northeast over the Whites and Rim country. Model continues, also, to forecast little in the way of precipitation with this event. Forecast of total precipitation through 6 am MST tomorrow morning (Saturday, November 16th) is shown below. So it goes.

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