Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Dreary And Windy This Morning

Yesterday was crystal clear for much of the day, until Pacific cirrus moved in during late afternoon. View above is at 8 am MST yesterday (Tuesday, November 26th). However this morning has dawned very dreary with skies completely covered with thick, high clouds - below is visible satellite image from 8 am Wednesday, November 27th.

 The view of the Catalinas at a bit before 8 am was much different than that yesterday (above). It has been windy now for about 24-hours, with frequent gusts above 30 mph - forecast calls that breezy but I call it windy. Wind was very strong along the Rillito when I walked this morning, and I chose a route that kept me sheltered as much as possible - not at all a nice morning. Table below shows hourly observations at the airport, since 7 pm last evening. Note that the cloud observations from the automated ASOS system are completely misleading, since that system indicates continuously clear skies through 8 am this morning.

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