Friday, August 14, 2020

Slight Chances Light Showers

Heavy clouds south of Kitt Peak this morning at 9:00 am MST - see satellite image below. Down at bottom a big SYSCO 16-wheeler food truck fills the view of the web cam at Lava Mountain Lodge, Dubois, Wyoming.

Most thunderstorm activity yesterday in metro area was off to southeast third of the ALERT network, as per two plots below.

Visible satellite image from 9:00 am shows the band of cloud debris and perhaps a few sprinkle showers extending from southeast Arizona off to Baja.

Another miserable TWC sounding with very dry BL below 550 mb. Winds continue light and variable through depth of troposphere. How long will this go on??

Forecast of 8:00 pm radar echoes above is from the 12 UTC WRF-NAM, which tends to keep storms south along the Border Lands - but also forecasts isolated showers on southeast side again today.

Forecast below is for total rain amounts through midnight on Sunday night - slightest bit of hope for very light showers across metro area.

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