Saturday, August 01, 2020

July Ends Here With A Sprinkle

Bit of pre-sunrise color this morning at 5:40 am MST.

Yesterday evening storms moved south-southeastward across the eastern Catalinas and into parts of the metro. Rain amounts in ALERT network (above) were light, and we had a sprinkle here a bit before 7:00 pm - Trace. The plots of detected CG flashes below (from Atmo and Vaisala) shows the storms came into the metro area and gradually dissipated. Most thunderstorm activity was, as per usual, in Santa Cruz and Cochise Counties. Nature detests straight lines, but look at that long line of CG flashes just south of the border.

This morning's sounding from TWC (above) has BL with considerable CAPE (much better than yesterday) and continued, fairly strong, north to north-northeast steering flow. Will be very interesting to watch what transpires this afternoon. Note that minor decreases in BL moisture could bring that nasty inversion below 400 mb into play.

Below is the August Outlook for precipitation from NWS-CPC. Looks like more of same our part of the country.

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