Friday, August 21, 2020

Widespread Rain Event Yesterday

It was a very active day yesterday across southern Arizona. Image above shows blowing dust that moved across the metro area with an outflow from east of the Rincons. The outflow helped thunderstorms develop over our area during the next hour. The view at bottom shows developing storms north of Kitt Peak a bit after 6:35 pm MST.

Visible image above from 8:00 am this morning shows remnant clouds from an MCS over southwestern Arizona - with a MCV spinning out west of Tucson. The remnants of Hurricane Genevieve are off of southern Baja. The weakening depression is moving northwestward.

Image below shows the MCS over southwestern Arizona and the borderlands at 0730 UTC last night. The MCS developed as several storm clusters merged west of Tucson and southwest of Phoenix. The storms produced 7 reports of severe wind gusts before they moved out into the desert voids. One report was southwest of the airport and another was near Rio Rico. 

Rain reports were widespread - as per ALERT sectors above and below. there were 14 reports over half an inch, with four of those greater than an inch. Here at house we had lightning and thunder, but only 0.13". The airport reported 0.78" with gusts to 52 mph, but DM only had a T with gusts to 36 mph and Atmo had 0.59". Plot of detected CG flashes, second below from Atmo and Vaisala for 24-hours ending at 8:00 am this morning, shows how widespread the thunderstorm activity was. Note the large donut hole from eastern Pima into Pinal County.

Expect that today will be mostly suppressed, as is usually the case after such a widespread rain event.

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