Thursday, December 24, 2020

Dreary Skies For Christmas Eve

Gray and dreary skies for Christmas Eve here in Tucson. Here at the house the morning low fell to 26 F, before the clouds moved in. Winds this afternoon here are nearly calm, but strong east-southeast winds have been blowing since 9:00 am MST this morning at the airport, with max gusts in the upper 30 mph range. So, yesterday's WRF forecast (see previous post) was far superior to the GEFS wind plumes.

Overcast skies seen from satellite here: upper-level water vapor image above from 8:00 am and visible image from 2:25 pm below.

Solar radiation time series from Atmo above, and unwrapped sky cam from Mt. Lemmon below at 2:25 pm. All-in-all a very gray day.

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