Tuesday, March 02, 2021

March - This Week And Monthly Outlook

Cloudless skies continue here as we head into first week of meteorological spring. Down at the south pole, where it is meteorological fall (bottom), it appears there is some blowing and drifting snow,

Shown here are outlooks for March from the NWS CPC - these were made 10 days apart. The update from the the 28th (below) has changed considerably, especially in the western 2/3rds of the country

As for precipitation this week, the models have been reducing the chances for showers. The 06 UTC GEFS forecasts for QPF (above) now have a very slight chance for sprinkles on Wednesday night. The 06 UTC WRF-GFS (below) keeps all precipitation through Friday morning up in the Rim Country and northern Arizona, as dry conditions continue down here in the southeast. The WRF has been the model of choice re precipitation for a number of weeks now.

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