Thursday, June 02, 2011

Look At Current PW Along Pacific Coast Of Mexico

Shown above are this morning's 1200 UTC soundings for (from top to bottom, or north to south) Emplame, Mazatlan, and Acapulco (from the Univ. of WY Upper-air page). Emplame was very dry and stable with PW of about 16 mm, although it had a small cloud layer and a superadiabatic lapse around 450 mb. South at Mazatlan, PW was about 34 mm and there was some CAPE, but also a deep layer of CIN, present. Acapulco had a moist lower half of the troposphere with PW of about 51 mm. The Acapulco sounding was quite unstable this morning with computed CAPE of over 3000 J/kg.
The blended PW product for the eastern Pacific at 1400 UTC this morning (above) indicates that mT air remains basically south of 20 degrees north; however, values of around 30 mm have crept into the southern Gulf of California. The situation seems to be about what one would expect as June begins.

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