Thursday, June 23, 2011

Morning Surge Of Low-Level Moisture Today - Thursday June 23rd

From east of San Diego, Jim Means reported this morning:
Hi Bob,

It does look like there's an early season Gulf surge starting this morning, current conditions in SE California and Yuma show dewpoints have come up and winds are mostly out of the south/southeast:

THERMAL SUNNY 85 62 46 CALM 29.73R
BLYTHE SUNNY 89 49 25 S12 29.76R
IMPERIAL AP SUNNY 87 61 41 SE6 29.74R
YUMA AZ SUNNY 86 65 49 S20 29.77R
MEXICALI SUNNY 81 59 47 SE12 29.75R

For what it's worth, dewpoints have come up at my house the past several days also, reaching in to the low 60's.              Jim

The surface plot for 1500 UTC illustrates this surge (note that surface dewpoints have diminshed considerably as the day heated up).

The 2100 UTC PW chart from NESDIS (below) shows high PW up the GoC and elevated PW over southwest Arizona. So, apparently Beatriz was able to push a weak surge of low-level moisture all the way up the GoC, even given its brief, pathetic life.

The following url has a nice loop showing the surge up both sides of Baja.

Pat Holbrook reported from Boise:

Had some storms last night due to 95 degree temps....looks like the surge will fizzle as upper level winds still advecting in dry air. Looking at long range I do expect to see some monsoon storms around the 4rth but just mountain huggers


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