Monday, June 13, 2011

Monument Fire

A new wildfire started up in Coronado National Monument yesterday afternoon. It grew quickly and was threatening folks who live along the foothills south of Sierra Vista - including Art Douglas and his new home in Ash Canyon. Art reports that he has valuables packed in two vehicles and is ready to evacuate if he has to.
Top image shows visible satellite image from yesterday afternoon around 6 pm. The smoke plumes and fires in Arizona are: Wallow fire along middle portions of Arziona/New Mexico border; the Horseshoe 2 fire along the southeast Arizona border; and now the Monument fire to the southwest of the Horseshoe 2 fire, along the Arizona/Mexico border. Note also that there are several large fires burning in northeastern Sonora, south of the border. Bottom photo shows the Monument fire last evening burning south of Sierra Vista.
Here in Tucson this afternoon (4 pm MST 13 June 2011) it is currently 101F with a dewpoint of -4F, giving an RH of about 2%. West winds are gusting up around 26 mph. So little in relief from the desiccating weather we've had all spring and early summer.

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