Saturday, June 23, 2018

Last Week Of June

Cooler and greener locale to our north-northeast - sunrise at Durango, Colorado, with the Historic Strater Hotel dominating image.

The synoptic pattern continues to favor strong thunderstorms and heavy rains over much of central and eastern U.S., while keeping things terribly suppressed here in Southwest. Above plot shows detected CGs across CONUS for 12-hours ending at 12 UTC this morning - certainly an active night (from Atmo and Vaisala).

Forecast below is from 00 UTC WRF-GFS forecast run at Atmo and shows total precipitation forecast through 5:00 pm MST on June 30th - I didn't feel there was need to show the color scale, since black is black is zero.

Finally photo below is of a metal sculpture of a bat family bicycling along the Loop trail at the Campbell Ave. bridge over the Rillito. The bridge is the summer home for thousands of Mexican free tail bats, which swarm out in the late evenings to feed during the nighttime.

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