Tuesday, June 19, 2018

This June VS Several Others

Just a quick look at the wettest June's during past 19 years of records here at house. 

First - our event this year occurred during two days with the average Td at airport greater than 54 (below), and the two days also had GPS PW at University of greater than 30 mm (above). But the short duration and role of the westerly trough, coupled with the quick return to hot and dry conditions indicates - to me - that this was a"pre-monsoon" burst. We'll continue to wait for a longer duration period with both monsoonal flow regimes AND subtropical, low-level moisture.

The three wettest Junes in my records have been: 2000 - 3.19; 2016 - 2.37; and this year with 0.93" so far. The heavy rains in 2016 occurred after the 26th of the month. Interestingly, the rains in 2000 occurred with moisture influxes from TS Bud and Hurricane Carlotta. Early, re-curving TSs can obviously have big impact here during early to mid-June.

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