Monday, August 02, 2021

Brief July Summary

Got a photo of crepuscular rays while walking yesterday morning.

Following is a brief summary of July weather here at house: I logged thunderstorms on 8 days (because of my poor hearing there were likely storms on a couple more days); rainfall here was 6.90"; there were three days with thunder and strong winds - gusts 60 - 65 mph on the 3rd with small hail also; gusts 50 - 60 mph on the 10th; and gusts 45 - 50 mph on the 30th. The rain amount was the largest monthly total since my observations began in July 1999. In all those months there have only been two others with more than six inches: 6.63" July 1999 and August 2008 6.47".

John Glueck has posted a comprehensive summary for July 2021, and placed last month in context with other July's . It is here:

Monthly amounts for July across the ALERT network (above and below) - the range was very large: 17.76" at Mt. Lemmon to 2.40" at the Oro Valley water plant. The Oro Valley reading looks suspect to me, but there are no sites for comparison to its northwest,

Below are Water Year summaries from Mike Crimmins webpage at:

The plots from Organ Pipe, the airport, and Sierra Vista show what a dismal year it has been, except for July in Tucson and Sierra Vista.

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