Thursday, August 12, 2021

Early Morning Rain

Sunrise from the Atmo movie, which again is a worth a look this morning. Bottom is photo of the Rillito running this morning - note the greenness of the Tucson Mountains in the distance.

Although yesterday was suppressed, a new round of showers and storms moved into the northwestern portions of the ALERT network after midnight. These maps of network rainfall are for the period midnight through 6:00 am MST. Note the 2.20 inches out near Three Points.

Here at the house we had 0.37" from around 1:00 am to 3:30 am - time series plot of rain at the "Rillito at Dodge" gauge (second below), which is about a mile east of here.

The 500 mb chart is a mess, with light winds and poorly defined features across the entire southern two thirds of US. The west-to-east trough now curves from the California coast across Arizona  and New Mexico to northwest corner of Texas. Morning sounding at TUS/TWC (below) continues very moist with just a sliver of CAPE and light/variable winds through the troposphere.

The current morning forecast from the NWS for the airport has 30 to 70 percent POPs for every forecast period during next 7 days. Below is the 06 UTC GFS forecast for total precipitation through 12 UTC on August 19th - very wet! Don't know how I'll get the yard under control, since it's already like a jungle out there!

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