Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Early Morning Thunder

View from campus of early morning thunderstorm over parts of metro - there has been thunder here with light showers and cool north winds.

The morning sounding for TWC/TUS (above) is very moist (1.93" of PW), with the layer from 600 to 700 mb quite unstable, with almost no lift required for storms to form. Steering winds are light and variable, increasing chances for heavy rains. 

The TUS radar display at CoD weather has not been updating for 90 minutes or so, but below is radar view from Phoenix at about 7:00 am MST.

IR image from 1330 UTC (above) shows two active areas of storms over both Tucson and Phoenix areas. Plot of detected CG flashes ending at 7:13 am (below) shows the morning activity in colors of purple to white.

Second below shows ALERT rainfall reports for the 6 hours ending at 7:00 am. 

Quite an interesting start to the day!

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