Monday, July 05, 2021

Thunder On The Fourth

Sunrise on the fifth of July - heavy clouds, but a glimpse of the sun at east end of Catalinas.

Showers and rainfall yesterday were mostly on the mountains (ALERT reports above and below). Isolated reports at low elevations with mostly light amounts, except for three sites around an inch. No rain here at house but frequent thunder during mid-afternoon.

Considerable cloud cover over the state at 7:30 am MST this morning as per visible image above.

Little change at 500 mb (above) - weak winds with high centered over the Four Corners and south-to-north band of high moisture right through the center of the anticyclone.

The TUS/TWC sounding this morning (below) remains very wet, unstable, and with light and variable winds. Not much action at low elevations with similar sounding yesterday. Current POPs from NWS are 30% for measurable rain at the airport today.

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