Tuesday, July 06, 2021

Isolated Early Showers

Heavy clouds a bit after sunrise this morning. There were some very light, isolated showers during the pre-dawn hours - one here left 0.03" in the gauge.

The CG flash plot (above - from Atmo and Vaisala for 24 hours ending at 0803 UTC) shows that thunderstorms just clipped the eastern and southeastern borders of Pima County yesterday.

The time series (above for the airport) shows what an oppressive early morning it was here, with a low temperature around 80 F, while the RH was about 75 %. Canceled my usual early morning walk because I didn't want to start the day soaked in sweat.

The visible satellite image (above from 7:11 am MST) shows much less cloud cover this morning than was present the last several days. The 500 mb 12 UTC analysis (below) features a large ridge extending from California to the east coast, with a number of embedded circulation centers - including one between Phoenix and Flagstaff.

Tropical storm Elsa is moving northward off the west coast of Florida.

The morning sounding for TWC/TUS (above) remains moist, but with PW down by about two tenths of an inch. Will be hard for BL to mix out with decreasing Td aloft in the lower levels. Winds remain very light, but are now north to northeasterly through the depth of the troposphere. Perhaps another chance for more nighttime showers?

Finally, John Glueck has posted a very comprehensive summary for last month on the NWS webpage - brief extract shown below. It certainly was a grim month!

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